Presentation: Human Activity Recognition and Monitoring

During the Symposium organized by the British machine vision association (BMVA), focused on Human Activity Recognition and Monitoring, I had the chance to present the research work performed during my PhD studentship.

In particular, I’ve presented my work titled Social Activity Recognition from Continuous RGB-D Sequences.
I have performed this research work alongside my colleagues Sehran Cosar and Nicola Bellotto in collaboration with Diego R. Faria (Aston University).

Social Activity Recognition from Continuous RGB-D Sequences.Front of the "Social Activity Recognition on Continuous RGB-D Sequences" Presentation

The presentation describes our approach to recognise social activities for indoor robots.
Therefore, it focuses on tracked skeletons data, in the case of untrimmed activity video clips.
The approach detects the temporal intervals of human social interactions to then recognise the type of social activities performed by a pair of persons.

This research is a continuation of my works recently presented at IROS 2016 and ROMAN 2017.
Furthermore, It includes the results of the experiments described in the paper submitted for revision to the International Journal of Social Robotics.

Event Description:

The event has been very interesting. Many important researchers were presenting their work on Human Activity Recognition from different contexts and aimed at a wide spectrum of applications.

Logo of the BMVA Event: Human Activity Recognition and Monitoring

The event was chaired by Ardhendu Behera (Edge Hill University), Nicola Bellotto (University of Lincoln) & Charith Abhayaratne (University of Sheffield).
It included Keynote speakers such as Prof David Hogg (University of Leeds), Dr Alessandro Vinciarelli (University of Glasgow), Prof Ian Craddock (University of Bristol) and Prof Yiannis Demiris (Imperial College London).

The full program of the event with all the presenters can be found here.

Here you can find the slides used for my presentation:

[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vTNppiHTOblS_ozYmhbmDWRFQ7HiZhviFezS3gMsCaA6UmcMeZnCj5TLFcDSM_bs21EftTX3CNiOYWX/embed” query=”start=false&loop=true&delayms=3000″ width=”1920″ height=”450″ /]

ROMAN 2017 Publication

The article “Automatic detection of human interactions from RGB-D data for social activity classification” accepted for oral presentation at The 26th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (ROMAN 2017).
The article has been written with Diego Faria, Sehran Cosar and Nicola Bellotto.

The Article will be available here.

A video of the dataset used in this study can be found below:

IROS 2016 Publication

Paper “Social activity recognition based on probabilistic merging of skeleton features with proximity priors from RGB-D data” accepted for oral presentation at theInternational Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2016).
The article has been written with Diego Faria, Urbano Nunes and Nicola Bellotto.

The Article will be available here.

A video of the dataset used in this study can be found below: